Christianity is the religion of bullies. The only Christian kindness is performative / damage control.

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Tends to happen when the family narrative is “Believe in my imaginary friend, *or else*”. Raising kids in a fear and hate filled environment turns them into hateful and fearful bigots? Naaaaaah.


Any religious person who comes on here to tell us “we’re not all like that” is BEING “like that” just by making that comment in a space that is explicitly NOT FOR THEM. It drives me up the wall that religious people (and the privileged in general) just can’t seem to get it that not every space is meant for them, and their voice is not always a contribution. I don’t jump on Christian forums to tell them they are delusional, but they just can’t keep their sticky little opinions out of spaces that are not meant for them.


There is definitely a large section of Christianity that has people who treat it as their last hope. They’ve been shitty people their whole lives and they hate themselves for it. So they choose Christianity as their last shot of redemption instead of putting in the actual work of improving their emotional intelligence. And then they continue doing shitty things, only this time, they’re one of the “good guys,” so it’s just the right thing to do.


No one who believes in Hell is capable of morality.


Oh please, xian men are so immasculated. I am not for toxic masculinity but they all seem so whipped no wonder they need to bully to feel like a man (in their definition of a man). Losers.