Commonwealth Fusion breaks the magnetic field strength record by creating a 20-tesla magnetic field, almost twice as strong as ITER’s at 13 tesla. Achieving a high magnetic field strength is a key step toward developing a sustained fusion reactor to give us unlimited clean energy.

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This is actually pretty exciting. The sun’s matter is contained by gravity and its electromagnetic field. Being able to develop a strong enough electromagnetic field is the only way to control a fusion reaction in a lab because the temperatures and radiation would overcome (nearly) any solid obstacle put in its way. I’m pretty sure I read, about less than a year ago, about a team who achieved temperatures of over 100M* C (for a split second, obviously that temp isn’t sustainable on earth) But if we can create conditions to raise temps that high, about 8-10x as hot as required to fuse hydrogen, thats progress for sure. At about 100-120M is when helium starts fusing. **Edit: yo wait can we talk about how the thumbnail picture is from Spiderman 2 when doc Ock creates a miniature sun LMAO “POWER OF THE SUN IN MY HAND”** I am deaddddd


i’d estimate with a breakthrough like this, we’ll have fusion within the next 20 years or so.


I’ll really pay attention to this article that uses an image from spider man as the cover lol


Nuclear fusion has felt like a mirage that we’ve been chasing for almost a century. But that hasn’t stopped the international community from keeping their foot on the gas and investing in more research, with the hope of turning our biggest dream into reality. Commonwealth Fusion, a spin-off from MIT’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center, is also building a fusion device called SPARC which is set to launch in 2025. CFS has raised a total of $2.2 billion from investors including Breakthrough Energy Ventures, which is funded by the likes of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. The company has developed a novel superconducting magnet to create a stronger magnetic field in its reactor. In September 2021, the company broke a record by achieving a field of strength of 20 tesla (MIT). This is almost twice as strong as ITER’s 13-tesla magnetic field. (The article talks about another interesting startup called Helion Energy too) Do you think we’ll create a sustained fusion reactor before 2050?


I guess 1.5 times as strong could be seen as almost twice. Edit – The pedantic “Ackshually!” comments from the basement dwellers are the best part of this. Edit 2 – Apparently I have to explicitly point out that this was a joke.