Daily intake of up to two eggs for 11 weeks does not affect the cholesterol balance of Chinese young adults — Subjects who ate eggs at breakfast felt less hungry and more satisfied on the feeling of full day fullness.

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Eating 2 eggs did not raise cholesterol when compared to a group eating meat and diary but no eggs or 1 egg


2 a day? I have atleast 4. Regardless of the possible minor rises in cholesterol its the most complete source of lrotine known to man and a great source of essential fats. When consumed as part of a balanced diet the pro’s clearly out weigh the possible con’s (there isn’t really much proof there are any con’s)


I switched my toast and peanut butter breakfast to two-three eggs each morning and I know I feel much better. I used to have reactive hypoglycemia and big swings in sugar. That’s all gone now.


N=70? u/Meatrition cherry-picking more studies?


What if you’re predispositioned genetically for high cholesterol?