Daily Simple Questions Thread – April 19, 2022

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The only thing I don’t like about nSuns 4 day is that there’s no designated OHP day. Just the one day where you do it after benching. I’ve done it 3 times so far and haven’t been able to up the weight yet. On my last set (supposed to be 8 reps), I got 4, then 6, then 6 again. Tips for getting through this? I definitely cheated a bit when I was testing my max, so maybe the weight is just a bit too high and I should lower each set by 5 pounds? Other shoulder accessories I do throughout the week are dumbbell OHP 3×10-12 which I’ve been able to progress on, and lateral raises 3×10-12


why is my bench so weak (novice) ive posted a couple of form checks so far i literally spend half my week watching bench press form videos all of my lift has been going up..but bench is really stuck my DL:264lbs OHP:100lbs for 5 squat:225 for 5 yet my bench is stuck i cant even bench 135 for 1 rep anybody experienced any similar issues ? also you can watch my bench press video in form check


Question for those who can or did deadlift 5 plates or more, how long roughly did it take you to go from the fourth plate to the fifth one? Trying to gauge a realistic timeline.


Absolute beginner – I’ve picked GZCLP to start with, and I’ve watched a bunch of videos on ‘how to’ for the form of each lift. If there are any excellent tutorial videos you’d recommend m – let me know! Is it worth getting a PT even just for a session or two up front to help get the right form in practice?


Anyone have experience with MythicalStrength’s 26-week lifting challenge? I’m thinking of doing it because…honestly it just looks fun.