Dozens injured in riots in Sweden after Quran burnings | Muslims attacking Swedish Police

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The religion of peace, attacking police because some spare copies of a book with millions in circulation were burnt. Sure, book burning is stupid, but these weren’t torn from the hands of anyone who’ll miss them.


The conservatives burning the books were being bigoted assholes, but they were following the law and not physically harming or threatening anyone. The Muslim response was illegal, immoral and immature. Christians just have more experienced being pricks in secular nations, they learned to keep it just barely inside the lines, Muslims haven’t learned that yet. So to sum up: Conservative Christians: immoral and immature, but legal Muslims: immoral, immature and illegal


Let’s be frank. Were the Quran burnings a provocation? Yes. Does that justify the response? No. Does it make me more receptive to the anti-immigration political parties? You bet it does. “But Phoenix! Are the Muslims supposed to just sit back and take it?” Yes. Yes, they fucking are. If they can’t then they need to leave. Or burn some Bibles. But violence is no bueno, and as usual, it’s the religion of peace that needs to be reminded of that.


40 people injured, luckily none life threatening and 26 arrested. Hope it calms down soon.


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