Effort to Remove Marjorie Taylor Greene From Ballot Can Proceed, Judge Says

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From the article: >>Ron Fein, the legal director for Free Speech for People, heralded the ruling on Monday night in an email to The New York Times. >>”Judge Totenberg’s well-reasoned opinion explains why the Georgia voters who filed this challenge against Greene have the right to have their challenge heard, and why none of Greene’s objections to the Georgia state challenge have any merit,” Mr. Fein said. “At the hearing on Friday, we look forward to questioning Greene under oath about her involvement in the events of Jan. 6, and to demonstrating how her facilitation of the insurrection disqualifies her from public office under the United States Constitution.” I think the idea is to use this case a precedent against other insurrectionist politicians. I’m sure Greene will try to appeal and I presume it would go to the Supreme Court because it’s a constitutional issue relating to the 14th Amendment.


Fuck yeah! Let’s hope this leads to her removal from the ballot and sets the stage for others to be removed as well.


Her lawyer: >He called the effort to remove her from the ballot part of a well-funded nationwide effort to strip voters of their right to vote for candidates of their choice, with elections determined by “bureaucrats, judges, lawyers and clever legal arguments.” Zero sense of irony but fully maxed out on hypocrisy.


IMO, the scariest thing about her, and the rest of her ilk, is the fact that they have access to all sorts of classified info and what they may do with it in the event they aren’t reelected.


In my opinion she should be imprisoned for sedition against the USA but i doubt this will even pass.