Expenses: The Scandal That Changed Britain (2019) – A look at the events of 2009, when a media expose revealed the widespread, long term corruption of Members of Parliament in expense claims [00:59:03]

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Yep, just like that world-changing Panama Paper report.


Hah. No. MP salaries went up. Expenses went up. MPs still do second and third jobs for companies, often those who are lobbying the government. When I say MPs, I largely mean Tories. They’re corrupt as ever, and now they hide behind the idea they are somehow free of sin because of this review which found them guilty in the first place.


UK Redditor here. “The scandal that surprised nobody, after which the square root of fuck all actually changed.” FIFY


Changed? Do you live in the UK?


They didn’t change Britain, they de-legitimised Parliament at a time when the political class should have been making heads roll r.e the financial crash. I’m all for greedy politicians being ousted, but let’s not pretend that the expenses scandal changed anything, if anything it cemented the status quo.