Ford shuts down orders for 2022 Mustang Mach-E due to overwhelming demand

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There are like 16 electric cars for sale in Wisconsin…not 16 models…like 16 total. I was looking yesterday. And now I’m bombarded with EV adds. Less $ on advertising, More $ on production


Love the car. *HAAAAAAAAATE* that they called it a Mustang of any kind. Mustangs do NOT have 4 doors.


More mustangs on the road? Light poles everywhere are shaking from fear.


I work at a Ford dealership in the service department. Can confirm that we have seen lot of Mach E’s in for service so sales must have been high.


Glad I’m already invested in Ford!! Great news! Now if we can destroy the car dealership model for selling cars to consumers, and go the factory direct model that Tesla uses.