‘Freedom Convoy’ leader Pat King charged with perjury, obstruction of justice

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“King’s hearing came to an abrupt halt last Wednesday when it appeared his lawyer’s computer was hacked in the middle of the proceedings. Lawyer David Goodman later said the threat wasn’t as serious as previously thought, and no files were compromised. The hearing was adjourned the next day to give King’s legal team time to process the new charges, leaving King visibly disappointed with his head in his hands. Since then, he’s tapped a new lawyer to fight for his release and defend him against the mounting number of charges.” His lawyers claimed their computer was hacked in the middle of court? Hahahahaha I’m enjoying this and I’m not even Canadian. Edit: wouldn’t they be using the court approved wifi? Hahahahaha! They didn’t get hacked.


The guy is a racist piece of shit


It’s pretty messed up that they’re charging him as an adult.


It’s curious how often these homegrown “freedom” groups the right in North America keeps spawning are populated with racists.


I’m just going based on the thumbnail, but is the Canadian courtroom setup based on the hockey penalty box?