German businesses, unions oppose boycott of Russian oil and natural gas | CBC News

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Something gotta give in europe, I say that as a european. Natural gas is no ‘magical’ resource, it has been found all over europe. The Netherlands were the largest producer right till the 1980’s, Norway has huge reserves and big parts of the north sea are explored yet undriled. The problem is the green movement and changing attitudes. Importing gas from russia or the US is not less harmfull for the enviroment than drilling at home. It just “feels” better, no ugly industrial facilities, local enviromental hazards with fracking etc. Something gotta give here. Either start drilling or pay up Putin forever. Can’t have both.


“Analysts say Russian crude oil would be easier to replace than gas but that a boycott would still lead to higher energy prices that would hit consumers who are already facing record EU inflation of 7.5 per cent,” it says here


>EU nations get 40% of their natural gas and 25% of their oil from Russia That really says it all. How in the world is the EU going to replace that much natural gas and oil in any amount of time without crippling their economies and driving oil prices higher in general? If they do this, I feel like it’ll be tantamount to self-immolation for the EU’s economy. They need to communicate clearly to Russia how to off ramp from this war and specifically how to have sanctions lifted. Cause right now, Russia has no clear reason to stop.


Kinda want to say it’s a misleading title. While unions play a major role in our economics, it’s not _all unions_, nor _all businesses_. A percentage for scale would be appropriate to use in the title, because this is reddit and not too many people will sit down and read beyond the headline. The title makes it sound like _every single business and union collectively agreed on a boycott_, which isn’t the case.


Controversial comment: A huge catalyst of the Ukrainian war is natural gas. The US was vehemently opposed to Russian gas in Europe, they issued harsh sanctions against Nordstream 2 right before war broke out.