Grits vs Oatmeal vs Steel cut oats

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Oats are higher in fiber, protein, and almost every vitamin/mineral compared to grits. Rolled oats and steel cut oats are nutritionally the same, the only significant difference would be the glycemic index, and for that, steel cut oats win.


Oat bran should be on that list. More fiber and protein!


Steel cut oatmeal, with a bit of flax and chia for extra fiber and nutrients. Dash of cinnamon, bit of butter and brown sugar (or your favorite sugar substitute) . S-tier breakfast right there. Add some yogurt and fruit and you have yourself a meal


Oat groats are the least processed type of oatmeal and have the most nutritional bang for your buck. The hull is left on so the texture is more firm, like barley, rather than soft and mushy like traditional oatmeal. I personally like them a lot better. 🙂


Id say steel cut oats, itll keep you full longer, now grits, i gotta say, not as nutritiou unless added with something else lets say some cheese, then we are talking😋😋