Hacker Says He Has ‘Full Remote Control’ Of Over 25 Teslas

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That’s impressive that he found and figured out how to exploit this. However, 99.998% of Teslas sold remain unaffected. And the hacker/entrepreneur himself acknowledges that this is the owner’s/driver’s fault not Tesla’s. That’s like saying he gained control of a few PCs because the owners didn’t keep their software updated. Growing pains of new tech.


I feel like if someone hacked my ID4 they’d feel so sorry for me they’d update the software out of pity. Sadly, I bet the same software is so obtuse no one could crack it.


Literally no one expected this to happen


You can’t “remote control” a Tesla… He has their Tesla account credentials, and thus can turn on their A/C remotely if he wants — or honk their horn. Click-bait bullshit headline.


I’m shocked that more car companies aren’t doubling down on cyber security. The more computers run our cars, then that makes them a target. So, you would think that car companies would make it a top priority to invest in cyber security.