Hello, to honor your Grandmothers passing, I shall spend 20 minutes telling you why you are going to hell.

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Yeah same thing happened to me when my cousin passed the other year. Spent a while rambling about needing faith and such for heaven, then how it’s impossible to manage grieving without Jesus. The ego of these people is unreal.


One of the worst things about religion. They hijack an event meant to honor the memory of a person and use it to spam the crowd


I privately chewed out the preacher at both my grandmother and father’s funerals…for spending almost no time talking about the passed loved one BECAUSE the preachers in question never bothered to visit or get to know them…in spite of them being members of the congregation.


Only 1 grandparent made it into my adulthood. She passed few years back now, i went to her wake with my family, hugged and cried. Placed a pic of my daughter and i in her casket. Then i went to the lobby when the 30 something preist walked in. Knew he coukdnt have knnown my gma for more than a few years max. I WAS NOT GOING TO LISTEN TO A 15 MINUTE DIARRHEA ON HEAVEN. and after, my mom is mad i didnt sit with them during his blabering. He didnt even barely talk about my gma. It was just a fucking sermon. Fuck all the religious i wanted to say goodbye to gma not go to church. Topper i was a palbearer for her so had to sit up from during mass. Creepiest damn thing, felt exactly like a cult, have not been inside a church since.


The old altar call. You can’t even walk out, because it’s your loved one’s funeral, and you can’t punch the preacher, because…well, maybe I’ll try it and find out.