I am currently reading the Bible (For Shits & Giggles) and I am shocked.

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One major falacy of the Bible is that it is so open to personal interpretation. Let me be blunt, a book intended to literally tell you how to live your life should not be a living document open to vague understandings. It should be precise. Otherwise one person can read the ten commandments and say, “I can kill people in defense of my home because that’s not murder”, while other can come away saying, “I should kill no one”. But luckily… Proverbs 29:13 – He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy. So really, I could kill all the people I want so long as afterwards I take some time to reflect upon how evil it was that I just pointlessly killed a bunch of people.


You would be surprised what people can talk themselves into if they try hard enough. But I agree, the Bible is one of the most fucked up books on Earth.


I like some of the stories, I remember one about two women fighting over a baby and the king suggested they cut the infant in half so both women would get it – the false mother said Cool sounds fair, and the true mother said to keep the child whole even if it meant she couldn’t keep him. My mother (catholic) had a big, lovely bible with pictures of renaissance paintings, and that story had a vivid painting to accompany it. As a child I loved stories and fairy tales, and that’s all the bible is. Some stories are interesting and some are absurd and aged very poorly.


As quality of life improves and education becomes commonplace, people’s expectations of god grow. What was transcendental wisdom to Bronze Age tribesmen just doesn’t cut it anymore


Inconsistency is it’s strong point. It allows for any sort of reading, and encourages intense debate and “feeling” about its contents. It means everything and nothing. I don’t know how intentional this design is, but fuck it good design for hooking the ignorant who think they are deveststingly brilliant.