I just realized there’s a setting deep in my bank’s app that let’s me turn my card on/off whenever I want to… Now I don’t have to feel paranoid about skimmers/theft.

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I would be a little concerned that this feature won’t turn on when you need it and you will be standing in line at the grocery store while the ice cream melts and the people behind you are giving you dirty looks. You don’t really need to be this concerned. As long as you report fraudulent activity within ~~30~~ 60 days of it occurring you are legally protected and cannot be held responsible. The only way you can really be held responsible for credit card fraud is: * You lose the card and fail to report it in a timely fashion (not a big concern) * You just fail to check your activity for a few ~~weeks~~ months. None of what you are doing is actually going to stop people from getting your card number is just going to cause their transactions to (maybe) fail to post, and maybe they think the number is already revoked. It’s not saving you money, it’s maybe saving you the hassle of having to replace a card, but it is doing so at the cost of a greater hassle in constantly activating and deactivating your card.


> this past year my card has been used fraudulently multiple times even though I try my best not to use it only with well known payment providers, but things happen. I don’t think these “things happen?” Maybe I’m just insanely lucky, but I’ve never once been the victim of stolen card information. Most people I know have one story, maybe two…but if it’s happening to you multiple times in just a single year then you probably should get to the bottom of that.


Man, if you are banking with Wells Fargo, you don’t have to worry about card skimmers, Wells Fargo is actively working on fucking you harder than any outside player ever could.


If your cards keep getting hacked change all your passwords and start giving side eye to all your family and friends


Get a credit card with strong fraud protection. Only use your bank card in emergencies. This way you aren’t liable for any fraudulent purchases (banks often hold your money which can cause problems). My credit cards also email me for large purchases or any purchase where the card isn’t present (I could set it to email for all of I wanted). Your current method would have me worry about not having a cell or wifi signal or a dead battery and then you can’t turn your card on. Lastly, drop wf. They are terrible with customer service, and after the whole creating accounts for people scandal I would never trust them. This will also mean a fresh debit card that you can only use in an ATM.