I Love You, Now Die: The Commonwealth V. Michelle Carter (2019) – HBO documentary about the infamous texting suicide case. [1:01:46]

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I watched this the other day. I’m watching the hulu series currently. This is just all so sad and wrong. When I first heard about this I really thought this girl was a sociopathic monster and now I just think she was a mentally ill girl in a toxic relationship with a mentally ill boy. If either of their parents had actually parented and looked at their text conversations this would have gone a completely different way.


She is one cold bitch. The fact that he got out of the truck and called her just for her to yell at him to get back in the truck sealed her guilt.


Gotta love how both the school and parents put this kid’s suicide entirely on the shoulders of a mentally ill teenage girl.


One of my favourite true crime docs. Genuinely interesting legal case.


I think it’s interesting that there’s no proof she *actually* told him to get back in. She didn’t send that in a text. She claimed that she said [those words, on the phone with Conrad] in a text to another friend, but [the prosecution] established that she lied about stuff like that all the time. I think if her attorney had focused on forcing the prosecution to prove she actually said it, instead of arguing that saying such a thing is not a crime, she could have walked away. (edited for clarity)