I really don’t get how religious people say that God is all-knowing and has willed for everything to happen which includes slavery of Black people, rape, murdering Native Americans but will still worship their god and call their god helpful like it makes no sense

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Also, how could anyone ever follow a god who makes people, knowing what they’ll do, then punish them for their actions? It’s psychopathic, and they call it “love”.


I just had to go to church for Easter and part of the sermon was how Jesus and God will come to us in our time of need because his timing is perfect and he will not abandon his children. I’m sure the starving people and orphaned children of Ukraine feel like God is there for them right now.


They mutter “mysterious ways” and shut their brains off.


My favorite contradiction to christians specifically is Jesus whole lore. Apparently God needed to sacrifice himself to himself to forgive the sins of man.. which he as an omnipotent being who planned for everything knew would happen. Edit: it’s like if draw a picture of stick figures eating an apple then get mad at the stick figures for eating the apple…


The insanely absurd part about their rationalization is “Gods grand plan is too complex for our understanding. It’s like ants trying to understand the Sistine Chapel.” God can do no wrong even when he’s a genocidal maniac because “humanity is too stupid to understand.” It’s ludicrous