If Christians can’t determine which version of their religion accurately reflects actual Christian teaching, they have NO business proclaiming their religion is the truth

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If christians could critically reason that they have no idea which version is true, they would be atheists.


What’s really funny to me is Paul’s letters to the Corinthians (1st Corinthians) actually warn about division of the church through denominations.


I have a hard time seeing why i should take anything humans say as correct or facts. If a god of any kind does exist i’d rather speak to them directly than take something a bunch of humans, who appointed themselves as speakers for god, have to say. Yes its true they all think theirs is the right one and argue and fight about it. There are so many different contradictions and conflicting beliefs in religion anyway, its ridiculous.


It is true also that very few Christians know anything about their religion. For instance, they do not know that Jesus was not declared to be “God” until the fourth century. They do not know that there were large bloody riots triggered by that decision and there was open warfare between different groups within the Jesus movement when the Roman Church made that decision. They know nothing about how their bible was created and who decided upon which ‘books’ to include and the political dealings and haggling that those decisions were based on. They don’t know that Revelation was almost not included and that its inclusion was a vote buying arrangement between two groups, very similar to the deals between different groups of delegates at a political nominating convention. The many denominations want to maintain that general ignorance because the historical facts give the strong impression that their god played no role in the political haggling over dogma and the content of their bible. Damn few pastors are aware of that history and do not want to know as the knowledge makes it more difficult to have simple yes/no, for or against decisions. Those decisions create painful thinking and make it difficult to have a simplistic crudely moralistic ideas about things.


ALL religions are pure BULLSHIT