If ‘disrespecting’ religion isnt ok, then dont disrespect women, gays and atheists then…

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Disrespecting gay folks and women is baked into their beliefs. Even if the source material is thin on written evidence to support their intolerance, their holy mouthpieces fill in the blanks for them.


A very religious relative once stated with great pride “I tolerate the gays”. I replied that “I tolerate catholics”. I can still see the shocked look on her face. (I am not gay btw, just the family atheist).


Who said you can’t disrespect religion? Religion is a choice.


I think people who say “gays are unnatural” should be sued for slander and defamation of character…by every LGBT in the country! I think if violence is the response to criticism, your violent ass belongs in a penal rehabilitation facility till you learn anger management. I think if your religious text supports your violent actions, it should be treated as a clear social danger and removed from public places. I think publishers of such filth should be held as accountable as firearms manufacturers for murder, or alcohol services are for drunk drivers.


Religion is moronic. But the constant abuse from religious towards whom doesn’t share their beliefs makes something moronic into something dangerous, and I don’t like to live to be afraid of a moron turned into a paladin someday will appear and do a moronic act of violence against me.