If inflicting infinite punishment for finite crimes is infinitely immoral, then the Christian god is an infinitely immoral monster who deserves to rot forever in the hell he created for humanity

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The defense I sometimes hear is something like “oh don’t worry it’s only really evil people like Hitler and serial killers and child molesters that go there”. Okay and who created these people in the first place knowing they’d commit these acts? Also, are you really saying that there are people – however heinous – who deserve to be tortured in fire forever? Not for hours, not for days, not for weeks, not for months, not for years, not for decades, not for centuries, not for thousands of years, not for millions of years, not for …. but forever? And you think your religion is morally superior?


Yep. The *only* creature that would *deserve* to be *set on fire* forever is the one that would *create* such a place.


The same people who defend the idea of the Abrahamic deity being good even though hell exists are those who have some rather disgusting ideas of how people should be treated while they’re still alive. Children are the property of their parents, women are the property of men, people are the property of a divine entity. I’m pretty sure they only argue in favour of free will because a) it means that you can be blamed for your own mistakes, and b) the mind virus needs to adapt to the times.


It’s even more twisted than that. The justification given for this is essentially ‘It’s not what you do, it’s who you do it to’ Because you have broken god’s laws, you have defied the absolute authority & receive an absolute punishment. This is perverse on multiple levels. Defining ‘sin’ as defying god utterly invalidates & nullifies consideration of the **actual victims** of the transgression, other people. It portrays god as the only true victim that matters, all other are inconsequential, disposable, meaningless specks of dust in comparison. It reduces moral consideration to a single criterion – disobedience. Something isn’t moral or immoral based on objective evidence such as the effects of the action, or the pain & suffering inflicted on a victim, or the nature of the crime. No, it’s bad solely because god says so. Far from being objective or absolute as theists claim, it renders morality completely subjective & relative. An unaccountable, unalterable, unanswerable, & unchallengeable authority that can make or unmake whatever rules it pleases, for any reason or none. Rules that can, at any given moment, be changed on an idle whim, even retroactively. Such an ethical system is utterly arbitrary & unstable to the point of incoherence. The petty, petulant fits of a narcisistic megalomaniac are not a foundation for a thoughtful, reasoned moral system.


Don’t forget catholics that believe innocent little babies don’t go to heaven if they aren’t baptized. Babies.