Is it necessary to rinse rice or can I conserve the water?

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I grew up not learning to do it & only started a few years ago. You’ll be okay.


I never rinsed it until fairly recently. I honestly don’t fully know the difference, but I also switched from a pot to a rice cooker at the same time. I ate unrinsed rice for decades without a problem.


For best quality in terms of taste and texture… yes, it’s optimal to rinse rice. For nutrition and necessity? No, not at all. Your rice may end up mushier than you’d like, but that sure as hell beats using up valuable water that you need for drinking/sanitation. Hope your situation gets sorted out. Water scarcity is a spooky thing to go through.


I’ve found sautéing white rice in some butter or oil for a few minutes until almost a little brown and then adding the water, helps the grains separate and not end up gummy. Plus you can add a little garlic or onion while you sauté and it’s even better.


I have watch a few videos on YouTube of Korean cooking. Some cooks wash the rice, but then save the water from the first rinse to make soup.