It’s entirely possible that at some point in your life you had a truly original thought which, (had you simply shared it with the right person) would have changed the entire course of society as we know it. But you weren’t smart enough to recognise its relevance, and simply forgot all about it.

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Gun that shoots cobras at people


Could I shove up a corn cob up my ass and sit in a sauna hot enough to make em pop?, and survive.


Wrong.. I actively suppressed my knowledge because humankind wasn’t, and isn’t, ready for this revolution..


Game controllers made of stress ball material so when you get annoyed at how shit you are, you can give it a good squeeze. That would have stopped wars.


I dunno if it counts as changing the course of society, but some goofball thought, “let’s throw birds at pigs lol.” And now that person is a billionaire