Joaquin Ciria exonerated after 32 years in prison for wrongful murder conviction

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>”Although we cannot give him back the decades of his life lost we are thankful that the court has corrected this miscarriage of justice.” Motherfucker, you haven’t corrected the miscarriage of justice *until* you find a way to give his life back. The state committed a crime just as heinous as the murder here and it took outside efforts years to force you to acknowledge that crime. You’ll face no punishment. The state will face no punishment. The injustice is not corrected.


Cases like this are why capital punishment should not exist. Only morons, bootlickers and the bloodthirsty driven by vengeance support it.


Here’s another example of the state fucking up for the “just put a bullet in ’em” crowd.


There is nothing worse then allowing the guilty to go free other than making innocent people guilty.


It always amazes me how people that have been wrongfully convicted and get out after significant time in prison always seem so able to turn the other cheek. Im sure they just can’t believe that they’re finally getting out, but I couldn’t do it. I’d be livid. They’re stronger people than I.