Joe Biden told Barack Obama he will run again in 2024 – report – President ‘thinks he’s the only one who can beat Trump’, source tells the Hill, as Trump is readying his own third run

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If Trump is even allowed to run in 2024 our country has severe problems.


I can’t deal with another Trump/Biden election. Has anyone considered a candidate who doesn’t have same-age peers in nursing homes?


For god’s sake can we please get some younger candidates? Not trying to sound ageist but most 80 year olds have been retired for years, why should they be taking on one of the most stressful/important jobs in the world?


I would really really prefer something else. Biden hasn’t shown any ability to leverage his past relationships with Senate Republicans into meaningful bipartisan legislation. And his most important decision so far, his AG, has been a disaster. That said, I will rip my arm out of its socket pulling the lever for Biden if the other option is Trump or DeSantis as president.


Bro wtf. I’m going to be forced to vote for some geriatric mother fucker or the collapse of democracy. Great.