John Eastman blocking 36,000-plus pages of Trump-related emails from House January 6 committee

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I never want to hear another word about Hillary’s emails after this.


January 6 is only a small part of the coup against America. Activities like this are other small parts… republicans are engaging in broad spectrum legal warfare to effect a hostile takeover by subverting our constitution. its organized by republican officials, its paid for by billionaires, its infected many levels of our government and to be completely fucking honest… its treason. January 6 was only a small part of this treasonous coup. anyone wanna name some of the other parts?


Hunter Biden laptop details are contained in those 36000 pages. Why is Eastman covering for Hunter?


Fortunately it appears the judge that ruled against Eastman recently is looking into whatever this fuckery is.


Funny how when a woman was running for president the right was massively upset about her emails, a rightful gripe but not even close to this insane level of bs we have here with Trump, yet the mouth frothing is hard to deny, it went on for years after. Trumps here set all new lows for any office holder and all we hear are crickets and the same played out hate for each other they are always peddling. Clean your own house before you go after others.