Kindergartner brings tequila to school, shares with other students at snack time

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Teacher should be proud her message about sharing is sinking in.


I’m surprised that kindergartners would drink tequila in the first place. EDIT: “One of the students shared a bottle of Jose Cuervo mix with 10% alcohol content with her classmates before a teacher stopped it.” It was a mix, it probably tasted sweet. Kind of a misleading headline.


Well, nap time that day would have been a breeze!


Disciplinary measures against the parents right? We aren’t talking about some teenager who should know better. Have you talked to a 5 year old? Even if you tell them not to drink tequila, I don’t think it remotely registers why they shouldn’t.


“She picked up her daughter up from school early. Later that day, the principal sent out a letter addressed to kindergarten parents, saying in part, “disciplinary measures will be taken in accordance with the student code of conduct.”” Jesus, he’s 5, he probably didnt even know what it was just thought it looked cool. I’m sure he wasn’t doing it with malice, why do they have to punish him? Just educate him about it instead of punishing