Legal effort to remove Greene from Ga. ballot can proceed, judge rules

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Im just afraid all this effort for her district to replace her with someone equally dumb


Get her dumb fucking ass out of the government. Completely embarrassing someone like this is allowed to be involved in any capacity


Greene and Bobert will likely be removed for campaign finance violations before anything like this gets them. They are both just really stupid grifters.


This law that prevents traitors from holding office is one relic of the civil war conservatives wouldn’t mind getting rid of.


“Greene, 47, has been accused of frequently using language to incite violence on the U.S. Capitol, including referring to efforts to challenge the results declaring Biden the winner of the 2020 election as ‘our 1776 moment.’ She denies that she played a role in the event that led to the deaths of five people and injuries to 140 members of law enforcement. While expressing her disappointment with the lawsuit, Greene suggested Monday night on Fox News that Republicans could look into retaliatory efforts to disqualify Democratic lawmakers from reelection.” Here’s hoping this one goes the distance.