Lifelong excess weight may almost double a woman’s risk of developing womb cancer. For every five extra BMI units, a woman’s risk of endometrial cancer increases by 88%. This study is an interesting first step into how genetic analyses could be used to uncover exactly how obesity causes cancer.

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This has already well established for decades. Obesity/higher body fat directly correlates to higher levels of estrogen which causes endometrial proliferation which increases risk of endometrial cancer.


Did they really call it womb cancer?


I wonder if this is linked to PCOS which goes hand in hand with obesity for a lot of sufferers and increases the risk of endometrial cancer due to a lack of periods and uterine shedding.


Whenever something like this gets posted people starts criticizing the BMI system. Can someone who is knowledgeable explain the short comings of this index to me?


BRB gonna go get fat. Can’t find a doctor to take my uterus. Jokes on them I just figured out a way.