LPT: call an elderly person you know on a regular basis. Your phone call – no matter how insignificant – is a big deal for them and gives them something to talk about.

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I call my grandma frequently. I love her very dearly and even once had a falling out with my folks over wanting to spend spring break over with Nana instead of going to Disney World with the fam. This being recently after Grandpa deceased. That spring break was the best in my life thus far & I wouldn’t go back and trade it for anything else. She’s my 2nd mother in this world! 🥺 Thanks OP for this wonderful tip!


Also check in your neighbors often. Came home Saturday morning and found my elderly neighbor laying on her steps, she was dead long enough to be cold. I still haven’t processed it all.


I call my grandma every week or two to chat and catch up, and I know it cheers both of us up to continue to have a strong bond even though I’m grown and live far away


So true! Great reminder! Great LPT!