LPT: Don’t invalidate people’s struggles because you’ve been through worse. If someone is tired after working for 6 hours and you worked for 9, it doesn’t mean that they’re not allowed to be tired. It doesn’t mean they can’t feel what they’re feeling just because you’ve had it worse.

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A corrolary of this is “choose your audience” if you need to vent. Your obese friend doesn’t want to hear about how you gained two pounds over the holidays. Your poor friend doesn’t want to hear about about your stock portfolio losing $10k in one day because Apple stock took a hit. Your friend who’s in a wheelchair probably isn’t the best person to complain to about your soreness after leg day. I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t vent to your friends sometimes, but try to make sure they are in the right mood and mindset to be sympathetic, especially if your situation isn’t as bad as what they are going through. Sympathy and empathy should go both ways.


More generally, don’t make any other person’s struggles about you.


I always see a comment along the lines of “You wouldn’t tell someone they can’t be happy because other people have it better” which is a helpful way to frame it I think


My girlfriend and I talk about this all the time because we both have chronic pain. It is literally impossible to compare what you are feeling to someone else. Empathy is so important. Edit: Also wanted to add sympathy is underrated in these situations at times. Sympathy does not have to be a demeaning thing.