LPT: Don’t mock gullible people. Most people judge others based on their own morality, so if a person readily believes in other people’s honesty, it’s likely because they are honest themselves.

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Boy how that’s not true … Right off the top of my head I can think of 2 of the most gullible people i’e known who were both one of the worst liers. Tim and Dan. Known both at different times in my life both you could get to believe anything. Both were huge story tellers who flat out lied all the time. Tim was the worst. Even if your correct and I just happened to know the 2 exceptions of the rule, how is this a life pro tip? How does it help any one reading it?


That’s only sometimes true. My brother lies all the time, but is super gullible because he’s genuinely not very smart.


Wow, this is really, really, *really* stupid. And I say that both from anecdotal experience and from someone with some basic psych knowledge lol


Sounds more like they’re ignorant to me