LPT If you want to make a presentation in front of a group of people volunteer to be the first one up as everyone else will be so nervous about their own presentation that they won’t pay attention to yours and will more than likely forget any mistake or stupid thing that you might do.

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I always did this in University to just get it out if the way and felt it was better to get graded on my presentation alone and not relative to others that came before me…


Agreed. It also results in you being nervous for the least amount of time possible in the room.


I did this throughout high school and college and it definitely worked for me. Going first scores points with the teacher who will likely be grading the presentation in real time giving you a more favorable grade seeing as you don’t have to follow anyone. No matter how shitty your presentation is, for one brief moment in time, you had the best presentation of the day. Plus you do the teacher a solid by not forcing them to call on someone. I always felt like going first also got me a little more respect from my peers. Most students are scared they’re gonna be called on by the teacher to go first. When you volunteer, you take that pressure off the entire class and they reward you with more engagement and positive feedback during your presentation. PS – Sympathy claps and courtesy laughs go a long way. Do your classmates a favor and at least pretend to be interested in their presentation.


Here is a follow up. Prepare for your presentation by filming yourself on your phone (use a tripod). When you look at yourself in a screen you will be able to spot any fails. Easy to correct them once you know them.