LPT: Never assume what the impacts of a specific mental illness are. For example, ADHD isn’t just “being lazy”, it runs a lot deeper than that and has extremely detrimental impacts on a person’s life that can’t be fixed by planners and reminders.

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I just love it when people ask me why can’t I just be happy for life I have because I have such a good life and there is no logical reason to have depression 🙄


I have auditory processing issues related to ADHD. It’s difficult for me to remember instructions given verbally. Every employer of my lifetime, I’ve warned over and over: if you want me to remember, please write it down. And they never do. Never. They get mad after the fact, when I inevitably forget some detail that was buried in the middle of a 10 minute lecture. I constantly have to defend myself until I’m so run down that I don’t care anymore, at which point they usually search for a reason to fire me. Rinse and repeat. What a life!


So true! Multiple family members with ADHD, and seeing the difference between when they have proper treatment, and when they “just try harder,” is astounding. And it really is so much more than just their attention.


Mental health and addressing it at its core meant nothing to previous generations.