LPT: People are usually not fired for a big fuck up at work. They are usually fired for how they acted after the fuck up. So stay calm, be upfront & honest, and try minimize the damage

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My boss always says that we can work on mistakes due to a misunderstanding, lack of communication, or a moment of bad decision making. However, we can not fix mistakes due to poor quality of character and lack of integrity.


This is always contextual, depending on your job, but what I’ve found works is: 1. Explain what you’ve fucked up and the consequences (is there a financial/reputational/time impact) 2. Explain the reasons for your decision 3. Explain what your intended outcome was 4. Explain what needs to be done to fix the problem This works for analytical and rational bosses and helps you regain control of a situation.


Showing up hammered isnt the best


While this may be true, I’m an example of the opposite. I made a mistake on a complex network issue. Told my boss, immediately, that something was wrong and that I was on the phone with vendor support. Turned out to be something simple that was being overlooked. As soon as I had the issue resolved and finished the change that we’d originally planned, I was walked into my bosses office and fired. It does go both ways.