LPT: When introducing a new kitten to the older house cat, bathe the kitten first. After the kitten is dry, brush it with the older cat’s brush. This will put the other cat’s sent on the new kitten. This will create a better relationship between the two cats in the future.

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I tried bathing the kitten, and he loved it, but now I’ve got cat fur in my mouth.


I’m a cat shelter volunteer. You could also just rub the older cat blanket or toys over the kitten. Giving him a bath on his first day home (which is already terribly stressful) is not necessary. The kitten may even hate you for a while. You could put him alone in a room for a couple of days. The older cat will get used to the new scent in your home. Edit: You don’t leave him alone all day. Off course you go in the room and play with him multiple times a day.


Our process was a little different. We kept the new arrival behind a door and on a different floor for a couple days. The two cats couldn’t see each other, but could naturally smell each other. Did this for the first 2 days, and then when neither was at the door left it open. When they finally did see each other, there was no issues they bonded fairly quickly after that.


The bath isn’t necessary