Multiple airlines allowing passengers to go maskless following judge’s ruling

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I’m fine to lift the mandates if the Dr’s and Scientists agree, and we very well might be there. However, lifting the mandates because 1 right wing judge in Florida says so is fucking stupid.


Can someone ELI5 how this one judge’s decision became country wide policy? Was it a federal case and she drew the lucky straw? Versus a majority from the SC, etc.


The worst part of this ruling isn’t lifting the mask mandate, but that it says that the CDC does not have the power to mandate reasonable public health safety measures whatsoever.


I don’t see this getting challenged successfully. People are over mask mandates


Wait, so I won’t get any more videos in my feed showing obnoxious passengers being dragged off planes for not wearing a mask … because now they don’t have to? What are those folks going to do for attention instead? This is a sad day for us all.