Netflix is exploring lower-priced, ad-supported plans after years of resisting

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Sounds like Netflix can’t reclaim that charm and is taking bad business advice from old television executives


You know what’s a good price for ad supported content. Free. Like Tubi, nbc, abc, cbs, fox. yeah free sounds ok for ad supported content.


This is how you make sure your customers cancel their subscriptions. I will never pay for any service that has ads. You can fuck right off and die


Fantastic way of further devaluating your brand. Whatever executives they are taking their advice from need to be seriously removed, along with Reed Hastings for even floating this idea publicly. When you bloat your service with nearly unwatchable garbage, cancel every fan favorite highly talked about show after at most 3 seasons, continually raise prices, and threaten shared accounts – you know you’ve totally lost the plot. This looming implosion of Netflix will be talked about for a long, long time.


Life is truly a cycle isn’t it. We r heading back to TV