Netflix: Over 100 Million Households Are Freeloading Via Password Sharing

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Nobody is freeloading- I’m paying for 5 screens, why does it matter where they’re being used?


Aaaaawwww, poor netflix. How many billions are enough for you?


Nobody is “free” loading. I’m paying almost 20€ per month for 5(?) devices and share with my family across the street (but another household) 😉


The reason for the crack down on password shares is their drop in subscribers. However the drop in subscribers is due to their mismanagement of prices, original content, and failure to buy an existing library (like everyone else has now) I think they are past the point where it is repairable


Go ahead and tell my stepdaughter she needs to get her own login. I’ll just downgrade my membership from premium to basic because paying for premium would be pointless.