Netflix Q1 EPS $3.53 vs. $2.89 Est.; Q1 Revs. $7.87B vs. $7.93B Est. Stock is down -20% AH

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They kept raising prices on me. I would’ve kept subscribing even though I hardly watched anything on it, but all those notices about higher pricing backfired as it finally caught my attention and I dumped them. Weeks later, they sent me an email asking me to go back with a new, lower price offer. No thanks.


Probably cause they’ve diluted their shows with a ton of turds. Finding a good original is a 1/10 chance now and with rising prices and improving competitors, it’s much easier to just cancel and renew every once in a while to catch up on the 3 good shows you missed. Plus their movies are the very definition of meh. Some ok ones but everything else is just so generic. I’ve been spending more time watching HBO Max, Disney + and as crazy at it sounds Apple TV+ these days.


Now down 63% from ATH, crazy drop off


Can we replace the N in FAANG with Nvidia?


So Bill Ackman bought about 3.1 million Netflix shares for $1.1 billion back in January. That means his investment dropped about $250 million today. Ouch.