New hires coming in making my current wage after 5 years employment – how do i negotiate if boss says im at the top of my pay scale?

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Not something you may want to hear but the best course of action is for you to find another job and the 10-20% hike that comes with it – this is the unfortunate reality of long term employment in a hot job market – job hoppers are currently calling the shots and are being rewarded, I see this everyday and it boils my blood but it is the hard truth. Loyalty will pay you the standard 3% every year and being taken for granted! What is ironic though that this budget will suddenly appear when your manager has to go to the market to find your replacement and not to mention the tangible and intangible costs of hiring, training and onboarding!


First option is to just ask for a raise. Second option is to find a new job, put in your 2 weeks notice (after finding a new job), and decline their counter offer. Then enjoy knowing that in 2 weeks you will be making more money then you are now.


Towards the end of last year, I looked around my organization and realized 2 things. 1. I had more direct reports than any other Supervisor in the organization. 2. I was making the least of any person in a Supervisor position in the organization. So I took that and some recent local job postings that were similar to what I do do my manager so he could more clearly see what I was doing is worth. He noted that I was at the top of what they had budgeted for the role. I told him I was perfectly OK with the organization redefining my role (and therefore position title) to more accurately reflect all the work I was currently doing, as I had picked up additional responsibilities along the way. I also encouraged him to look into what costs would be associated with bringing someone else up to speed to perform the duties that I do. He said he would look into it. I followed up with him about every 2 weeks to see if he had been able to start appropriate conversations with budget people, see if he needed more data or stats to justify the role redefinition or anything else. It took about 3 months and some additional meetings with exec staff, but we determined what the objectives of this ‘new’ role should be, and what was needed to do it. In the end , I ended up with a new (more accurate) title, a 22% raise, and another direct report to help meet these new goals. When they say they’re out of money for the role, be willing to change the conversation to what the role does over what the role is called.


To put it kindly, you negotiate with your feet. If your current company won’t pay what you’re worth, you have to be willing to walk away to one that will.


You already know the answer Why would they give you a raise if you are perfectly willing to stay and work for your current amount? You did it for 5 years, they are betting you will do it for another 5 years because most people do.