Is it necessary to rinse rice or can I conserve the water?

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I grew up not learning to do it & only started a few years ago. You’ll be okay.


I never rinsed it until fairly recently. I honestly don’t fully know the difference, but I also switched from a pot to a rice cooker at the same time. I ate unrinsed rice for decades without a problem.


For best quality in terms of taste and texture… yes, it’s optimal to rinse rice.

For nutrition and necessity? No, not at all. Your rice may end up mushier than you’d like, but that sure as hell beats using up valuable water that you need for drinking/sanitation.

Hope your situation gets sorted out. Water scarcity is a spooky thing to go through.


I’ve found sautéing white rice in some butter or oil for a few minutes until almost a little brown and then adding the water, helps the grains separate and not end up gummy. Plus you can add a little garlic or onion while you sauté and it’s even better.


I have watch a few videos on YouTube of Korean cooking. Some cooks wash the rice, but then save the water from the first rinse to make soup.


I just realized there’s a setting deep in my bank’s app that let’s me turn my card on/off whenever I want to… Now I don’t have to feel paranoid about skimmers/theft.

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I would be a little concerned that this feature won’t turn on when you need it and you will be standing in line at the grocery store while the ice cream melts and the people behind you are giving you dirty looks.

You don’t really need to be this concerned. As long as you report fraudulent activity within ~~30~~ 60 days of it occurring you are legally protected and cannot be held responsible.

The only way you can really be held responsible for credit card fraud is:

* You lose the card and fail to report it in a timely fashion (not a big concern)
* You just fail to check your activity for a few ~~weeks~~ months.

None of what you are doing is actually going to stop people from getting your card number is just going to cause their transactions to (maybe) fail to post, and maybe they think the number is already revoked.

It’s not saving you money, it’s maybe saving you the hassle of having to replace a card, but it is doing so at the cost of a greater hassle in constantly activating and deactivating your card.


> this past year my card has been used fraudulently multiple times even though I try my best not to use it only with well known payment providers, but things happen.

I don’t think these “things happen?” Maybe I’m just insanely lucky, but I’ve never once been the victim of stolen card information. Most people I know have one story, maybe two…but if it’s happening to you multiple times in just a single year then you probably should get to the bottom of that.


Man, if you are banking with Wells Fargo, you don’t have to worry about card skimmers, Wells Fargo is actively working on fucking you harder than any outside player ever could.


If your cards keep getting hacked change all your passwords and start giving side eye to all your family and friends


Get a credit card with strong fraud protection. Only use your bank card in emergencies. This way you aren’t liable for any fraudulent purchases (banks often hold your money which can cause problems). My credit cards also email me for large purchases or any purchase where the card isn’t present (I could set it to email for all of I wanted). Your current method would have me worry about not having a cell or wifi signal or a dead battery and then you can’t turn your card on.

Lastly, drop wf. They are terrible with customer service, and after the whole creating accounts for people scandal I would never trust them. This will also mean a fresh debit card that you can only use in an ATM.


Ford shuts down orders for 2022 Mustang Mach-E due to overwhelming demand

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There are like 16 electric cars for sale in Wisconsin…not 16 models…like 16 total.
I was looking yesterday. And now I’m bombarded with EV adds. Less $ on advertising, More $ on production


Love the car. *HAAAAAAAAATE* that they called it a Mustang of any kind. Mustangs do NOT have 4 doors.


More mustangs on the road? Light poles everywhere are shaking from fear.


I work at a Ford dealership in the service department. Can confirm that we have seen lot of Mach E’s in for service so sales must have been high.


Glad I’m already invested in Ford!!

Great news! Now if we can destroy the car dealership model for selling cars to consumers, and go the factory direct model that Tesla uses.


TIL of Serge Voronoff, a French surgeon that was known as the “monkey gland man”. He claimed to rejuvenate his patients, transplanting the testicles of executed criminals into millionaires, turning to using monkey testicles when supplies ran low. Over 500 men were treated with his technique.

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That’s nuts.


There was another fella, John Brinkley, who would surgically insert goat testicals into people claiming it fixed all sorts of ailment. He was sble to do this for two decades.


I’ve got a lot of questions, but I don’t think I want the answers.


Does Tucker Carlson know about this?


Pretty…ballsy. But did it work??


Mt favorite naval joke!

**Americans**: Please divert your course 15 degrees to the North to avoid a collision.

**Canadians**: Recommend you divert YOUR course 15 degrees to the South to avoid a collision.

**Americans**: This is the Captain of a US Navy ship. I say again, divert YOUR course.

**Canadians**: No. I say again, you divert YOUR course.

**Americans**: This is the aircraft carrier USS Lincoln, the second largest ship in the United States’ Atlantic fleet. We are accompanied by three destroyers, three cruisers and numerous support vessels. I demand that YOU change your course 15 degrees north, that’s one five degrees north, or countermeasures will be undertaken to ensure the safety of this ship.

**Canadians: This is a lighthouse. Your call.**

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My favorite naval joke:

“Nice to meet you, I’m a naval surgeon.”

“Oh, I hadn’t realized medicine is so specialized today.”


QM-mayday mayday this is the queen mary

GCG-hello Queen Mary this is the German Coast Guard what’s your problem

QM- thank god, we are sinking

GCG-what are you sinking about


Reminds me of an old one too, far from naval but with a captain.

An airplane is descending for landing.

**Captain:** Tower, what’s the local time?

**Tower:** What’s your airline?

**Captain:** What’s the difference, Tower?

**Tower:** Well, if you are Lufthansa the answer is 14:24:36. For Swiss, it’s 14:25. For AirFrance, it’s a beautiful afternoon, just about time to have some wine. And if you are Aeroflot, today is Tuesday.


Sailboat rental manager over megaphone – “Sailboat 81 your rental time is over, return to the dock immediately.”

Manager’s assistant – “Sir, we only have 20 boats.”

Manager – “Sailboat 18, do you require assistance?”


So no more lighthouse


LPT: Next time you find yourself overthinking, keep your eyeballs still. Your mind will stop ruminating.

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Magic! What’s the science behind this?


So will focusing on anything else. You can focus on breathing in and out… or even moving your finger up for 3 seconds and lowering it for 5 seconds. It’s just a type of meditation. Focusing on your eyeballs is just fine too, I guess, but it doesn’t have jack to do with hijacking your limbic system.

You’re just focusing your attention elsewhere and consciously not moving your eyeballs takes enough focus to keep you from ruminating.


I use a fork for assistance.


So would meditation work while focusing on one point and not moving your eyes?


Texas state troopers told to slim down waistline or face consequences: report

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If you have to be fit to join then you should have to stay relatively fit to stay.


Police should be able to run and do athletic stuff..


The not so thin blue line.


And grow a god-damn mustache, why don’t ya?!?!


According to CDC data the median waist for adult men is 39 inches and 37 inches for adult women.

The new rule asks for 40 inch limit for men and 35 inch limit for women.

***The median US adult is overweight.


US forgives 40,000 student loans, provides aid to 3.6 million more

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Would love to see: “US holds universities and colleges accountable for outrages tuition fees”


One problem to me is forcing every kid to think they need college. Every highschool shoves these college fairs down your throat and make kids feel lesser if they don’t go. So many of my friends went to do jobs they didn’t need a degree for. They also should be capping interest rates and making them more borrower friendly (no int charged till school over, not letting it accrue like they do now).


Y’all should read the article before posting your ignorant “socialism” comments


Treating symptoms while ignoring the root cause.


Should be noted that this is simply carrying out existing programs for borrowers who are in public service positions or who are low income.

This is great news obviously for those who are eligible, but the headline could easily be reframed as “US government continues to do what it has been doing.”


Arizona Iced Tea founder says the 99-cent price tag will stay the same

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“The price is on the can, though.”


I can’t find the 99 cent ones anywhere in my area, they only sell more expensive bottles.


That’s great! I don’t usually drink their tea, but I appreciate them calling out bs. Tea is cheap to make, it’s the packaging costs. Most products have skyrocketed in price lately, businesses taking advantage of current events to jack up prices. Good on them for saying no.

Edit: thanks for the upvotes and award. But man, some comments here are nuts, especially since it’s about tea in a can!


Now they just need to start selling them in gas stations again.


It’s ten cents worth of water and sugar in a can