Warren says Democrats should go all-in against corruption to win in November and calls on Pelosi to do more

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It seems like a good time to go all-in against corruption, strategically.

You’ve got more of the country paying attention to a foreign corrupt government than is typical. You have a wave of wanting to do the right thing and be a leader with this whole Ukraine invasion. You have a cautionary tale of corruption and oligarchy you can point to. You can play that for support with liberals who want to help countries, or more conservative people who don’t want to see the US get weakened the way Russia has. And you have some in Republican ranks willing to break with Trump over his love for Putin.

So I think it’s a message you can make headway with. I can’t think of anything else in recent years that provided a better opportunity for Democrats.


Pelosi won’t do this. Instead she will throw progressives under the bus should there be big losses in the midterms, rather than accept any responsibility.


Going all-in against corruption would definitely be a winning strategy, but the Democrats have to clean their own house too.


Calling on Pelosi to deal with corruption come on Warren thats like calling on Trump to lead the country with a open and honest administration.


“We’re capitalists and that’s just the way it is.” – Nancy Pelosi


Progressives Say Climate Inaction, Student Debt Explain Biden’s Drop in Support Among Young Voters

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I mean young people have been repeating it over and over. It’s not a secret


It’s hard being excited for the future when you’re facing 8%+ inflation. You can’t afford a house, family, to get sick, or vacations.

It’s just Groundhog Day each day


They also need to properly address police overreach and lack of oversight, war on drugs, weed, better internet, less surveillance, wealth inequity, housing, citizens united, basic living conditions, work conditions, dealing with new age monopolization like Amazon, and so so much more.


Hopefully not just young i am almost 50 and extremely disappointed with the lack of addressing climate change. Admittedly student debt or legalization will not have a effect on me but i support both. Although i would prefer to see debt relief combined with free college.


This is so simple. 18-34 voters hate the GOP. You’re under no threat of losing them to the other party. All you have to do is throw a bone every once in a while and you’ve got them. Unfortunately the senior citizen leadership of the Democratic Party can’t even do that.


Adult shop novelty workers, what are your crazy stories? (NSFW)

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I used to work at a place in Dallas… after the 2 week training period all the other employees quit. I ended up running the store by myself for about a year. Split shifts, every day, no days off.

One time this lady came in, was super drunk, said she wanted to make her X jealous by getting something sexy to wear… I told her that all we had was lingerie. She didn’t care. She insisted that I bring her things to try on, and she insisted on stepping out to get my opinion on how things looked on her. BTW, she was fucking hot. I kept turning to the cameras and giving a big thumbs up to the owner who I knew would be watching the footage later. Eventually she settled on an outfit that was probably wayyyy to risque for dinner… but whatever. She wanted to wear it OUT. So I rang her up, but the items she was buying had those magnetic tags on them. she was all like “oh i know how they work” and came around behind the counter and started taking the tags off. she lifted up her ass onto the counter to get the one off of the panties, but couldn’t quite get it. SHE ASKED ME FOR HELP. So there I am pulling her panties to the side to try and get this tag off, and I coudln’t help but keep giving the camera the thumbs up. haha… I ended up getting her number. She told me to call her after my shift… unfortunately when I called her she was really upset (and plastered) because her plan to make her X jealous didn’t work. *shrug… oh well.

Another time these two big black ladies came in and argued about who was going to buy the last giant black dildo we had in stock. They were both funny as shit and kept trying to rope me into the debate. It was fucking hilarious.

Next door was a bar that a bunch of bikers would go to regularly. When it was a slow night I would sit outside by the front door and watch the show. Drunken idiots on motorcycles trying to show off can be very entertaining. One time a whole bunch of bikers came in, one of the guys bought like 20 of those novelty penises on a spring, kinda like a bobble head. He put them all over his motorcycles gas tank, it was hilarious when he fired it up and they bounced all over the place.

But eventually the job went to shit. The owner one day brought a lady in for me to train… so I trained her. Then the owner informed me that she would be my manager because she had previous management experience… so I quit.


I never got to use this but after an incident in the shop a workmate told me when you kick someone out of the shop, stand in the doorway, point at them and scream “you sicko, if i ever seen you ever do that again I’m calling the cops!!” If anyone is nearby they’re going to look at them and wonder what the fuck they did.


Ooh I hope I’m not too late.

I once had a guy come in, super embarrassed (not uncommon), and explain that his girlfriend had a specific scene she wanted to do with him where he would pee on her while another guy watched from behind a mirror. The only problem— he was pee shy, and knew he wouldn’t be able to go if someone was watching.

I sold him a flaccid dildo, a cheap douche bag with a plastic hose, and a box of self-warming fake pee. We threaded the hose of the douche through a hole in the dildo, and he could make the liquid come out by squeezing the bag in his pocket.


Worked night shift (5pm to midnight) at a video/adult toy/stripper attire store after high school. Nothing too wild happened, got the occasional “show” from some nice ladies trying on outfits including a group of girls I went to high school with, which is one of my life’s high points. Got invited to see a lot of them perform as we offered a discount to industry workers. never really took them up on that.

My favorite part of the job was, when we sold a battery operated “toy” we would have to open it and put batteries in to show the customer it works as returns on such things were not allowed for obvious reasons, Also to sell overpriced batteries. I would often turn the device on and place it on the glass countertop as it wiggled, vibrated, or crawled around super loud. The reaction from the clients was the best. From super embarrassed to eyes bulging out. I did my whole return policy spiel and asked if they wanted to purchase the batteries to usually a silent smiling nod.

I did get a $20 tip to try on the size 13 7″ heeled laytex thigh high stripper boots and strut around the store.


My store used to sell anal numbing cream so that you won’t feel the pain of anal… And I actually had to explain to people why that was a really bad idea. For those out there. Get an anal relaxant instead.


What part of your body do you find annoying or weird?

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My brain. This little bitch won’t stop bringing shit up I don’t want to think about.


As a side sleeper I would love nothing more than to be able to remove my arms while I’m sleeping.


Uterus. Every month it’s like “ayo did you get laid without a shield? Nah? Aight guess I gotta hurt you”


Why do I bite my cheeks? Like WTF teeth!


The double chin in spite of being thin


Everyone flies a flag or colors for their country, sexuality, gang affiliation but what we need is a universal flag to fly when you’re down to fuck so everyone just knows what’s up.

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I believe that’s known as letting your freak flag fly


I thought we just pull our erect flag out at the local park or alley or drive through


I used to go to a restaurant called Panchos and they had a little flag to raise when you wanted a waiter. That’s what we need. I hate it when I’m stuffing my face and a waiter comes by and asks me questions with my mouth full of food. I miss Panchos.


We need an irl necklace of Mara


They already have it. It’s called tinder bio


I heard there was a documentary on Netflix about the clitoris

I couldn’t find it.

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**It’s one of the coming attractions**


My wife and I watched it but she said it rubbed her the wrong way.


Don’t even bother looking for the ‘G spot’ documentary then


According to DJ Khalid , it’s a problem that cant be licked.


Use the little button in the middle…

…part of the remote.


We can build a real, traversable wormhole … if the universe has extra dimensions

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Okay all we gotta do is glue two parts of the universe together.. shouldn’t take any time at all.


“another dimension, another dimension, another dimension, another dimension” 🤖🤖


Make a tennis ball teleport 1 meter first then we’ll talk


This is not even new news….go read actual university papers written by professors in high places they have already made wild claims like this and other ones but it will take 20 years for science to catch up to something published today


How many buzzwords can you stuff into one article good lord


U.S. commits to ending anti-satellite missile testing, calls for global agreement

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Must mean we’ve tested enough and are positive we can drop a satellite if need be


To be clearer, the US is proposing a ban on destructive tests. Not all ASAT testing needs to involve destruction of a satellite.


Well, US spy satellites are a thorn in the side of world’s other major powers, so this is an understandable position for them to take, but I doubt Russia, China, and others will be that willing. They’re tired of their troop movements and concentration camps being photographed from space.


You don’t need tests once you’ve been successful.


Have we actually tested any anti-satellite missiles or was that just China?


The way some Christians conflate their religion with “white identity” is so annoying, because a lot of white people are nonreligious. It also erases nonwhite Christians and ignores the fact that Christianity is an Abrahamic religion from the Middle East. Using religion for racism is STUPID!

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Using religion for anything is stupid.


Using _______ for racism is STUPID!


Summary of a conversation I once had with a white Christian:

Him: “Christianity produces moral behavior. You’re much safer in a Christian society.”

Me: “That’s demonstrably untrue. Here are statistics showing that crime rates are higher in the Bible Belt.”

Him: “That’s because there are more black people living in the south driving up the crime rate.”

Me: “so Christianity only works on white people?”

No answer.


Hello from Florida


It’s almost like people have their own preconceptions and bring them to their faith?