People who forgave their cheating partner, what was the reason you let it go?

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A bit beside the question but i wanted to tell a happier story: My mom cheated on her partner at the time “D” and became pregnant. D knew she cheated instantly because he couldnt physically have kids. He left her but mum didnt want grandparents to know i was a cheater baby, so D agreed to be put on the birth certificate. He came to pick me up and spend time with me every sunday, he took up the roll of dad even though i wasnt his. I found out a lot later all this and im still so thankful he stayed in my life. D didnt forgive my mum for cheating, but held no grudge or hostility towards the product of the cheating. Love you dad


She was an emotional wreck over it, and it seemed like she was genuinely remorseful and deeply regretted what she did, and she promised that she wouldn’t do it again. After all, why get so hung up on a mistake if its never committed again? And then she cheated on me with someone else Edit: Regretted not rerated


I thought that if I left her then I’d be alone forever. 3 years after leaving her and that turned out to not be true and I also learned that being single is much better than being in a shitty relationship.


Time. And karma. She left me for another guy because they were “soul-mates” and were “meant to be together” and a bunch of other excuses she gave me. We got divorced so that she could be with him and then – shocker – the romance of the century didn’t work out. She moved on to another guy. We’ll call him “Dave” because his name was Dave…and he seemed decent enough. His parents were very good to our daughter, and my ex and him got engaged. Then one night, I got a call. On the other end of the phone was my ex. Crying so hard she was barely able to form words, but eventually she said something like “I’m so sorry, because I finally know what I put you through.” Turns out Dave had met his “soul-mate,” and had been carrying on an affair. They were “meant to be together,” and my ex heard all the excuses she gave to me repeated back to her – in some cases word for word. Through her tears, she apologized profusely, and it would have been so easy for me to say “serves you right” and hang up the phone. I didn’t do that. It had been about 7 years since we split up, I’d moved on, water under the bridge and all that shit, plus we still had the kid together. So I talked her down off the ledge, told her that she was strong enough to get through this (true), and accepted her apology. Years later we reconnected for our daughter’s wedding. All is forgiven, and we’re okay now.


I’m a sucker for crying. One year into our relationship she confessed in tears that she cheated on me two weeks into our relationship by having sex with her ex. I forgave her and was proud of her for being honest. Two months prior to our wedding and I find out she’s been screwing her boss.