Progressives Say Climate Inaction, Student Debt Explain Biden’s Drop in Support Among Young Voters

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I mean young people have been repeating it over and over. It’s not a secret


It’s hard being excited for the future when you’re facing 8%+ inflation. You can’t afford a house, family, to get sick, or vacations. It’s just Groundhog Day each day


They also need to properly address police overreach and lack of oversight, war on drugs, weed, better internet, less surveillance, wealth inequity, housing, citizens united, basic living conditions, work conditions, dealing with new age monopolization like Amazon, and so so much more.


Hopefully not just young i am almost 50 and extremely disappointed with the lack of addressing climate change. Admittedly student debt or legalization will not have a effect on me but i support both. Although i would prefer to see debt relief combined with free college.


This is so simple. 18-34 voters hate the GOP. You’re under no threat of losing them to the other party. All you have to do is throw a bone every once in a while and you’ve got them. Unfortunately the senior citizen leadership of the Democratic Party can’t even do that.