Putin Signs Decree to Remove Russian Stocks From Overseas Exchanges

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Because most of the first world is isolating Russia, Putin decides to isolate it more. That’ll learn ’em! Putin has been exposed as small minded and thin skinned, very Trump-like. As long as he is in charge, it seems like Russia will continue to spiral down the drain. I’d prefer they not become a giant North Korea, but they need a new leader, and a better system.


What are the effects of this? I’m assuming that this is in retaliation to the way Russian assets have been frozen (does that violate international law or no?), but will this actually accomplish anything or is this Putin throwing a fit? >Meanwhile, the UK’s tax authority, HM Revenue and Customs, announced Tuesday that it would revoke the Moscow Stock Exchange’s recognized status, piling on to the unprecedented sanctions the British government has placed upon Russia. Idk about this. Assuming that Russia can soldier on, what incentive do they have to back down if we’re freezing everything they own and blacklisting them and we don’t give them an explicit off-ramp to remove the sanctions? IIRC, Boris Johnson is for keeping the sanctions on Russia even if they *do* withdraw. And there’s talk of banning Russian natural gas and oil, which make up 40% and 25% of the EU’s sources. Where are the hydrocarbons going to come from to replace them and how quickly can they get them? Depending on how the offensive in eastern Ukraine goes, the West may have to make some unsavory choices sooner rather than later.


This is just a fake display of and for control. The sanctions are taking care of most things so this is just self imposing the next step that western nations would impose. Primarily though it pulls the billionaires back under his purview as his grip and influence on them is falling apart. Continuing to pull Russia away from the world is doing harm that will last for an entire generation, not to mention inhibit it’s end goal of being a global superpower. With a damaged economy and aging infrastructure/military the bite of Russia will be limited to their well known disruptive agenda of misinformation/hacking.


Future historians will note that these are all steps towards a full blown, proud, in your face dictatorship. No more pussy footing around and conducting fake elections. No more killing your enemies through surreptitious means. No more having front men for your billions. Everything will be Putin now and he is going to declare himself king emperor very soon.