‘Radical’ Solar Breakthrough Allows Energy to Now Be Stored for Up to 18 Years, Say Scientists

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Another stupid article on battery tech basically. This is just a catalyst breaking down formed polymers to generate electricity. From what little you can read, it’s small amounts of electricity. Useful concept to explore but not scaled for mass use and no mention on price points either. Read this more as a “novel approach could prove to be useful down the line, we must research more” instead of the headline being used. Cool ideas but just ideas proven to work on small limited scales.


Hard to tell if it’s complete bullshit, or just a crappy written article. 🤷


“Well, that can’t happen. ” ^_ energy companies


Sounds like they’re making a mountain out of a molehill here, while this might have niche applications it seems like a step backwards to put a liquid fuel tank on a phone as discussed in the article, and there are better methods for large-scale energy storage.


1) Plant tree. 2) Harvest tree for firewood eighteen years later.