Researches have managed to capture low-level noise of a single bacterium using graphene. Thanks to this we would be able to know whether the bacteria are alive or not after the use of antibiotic

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So, some scientists wanted to hear if bacteria scream?


How long until we have people crying to let bacteria live like animals?


I would’ve guessed this was impossible. At the submicron scale, inertia is damped out as heat (Reynolds’s number much less than one, Stokes flow). This is actually a serious problem when trying to swim as a microbe, if they tried paddling like we do, they would go exactly nowhere because flow is perfectly reversible – this is why they develop symmetry breaking mechanisms such as flagella. I’m guessing acoustics emerge from collective motion? Idk didn’t read it


What do bacterium use graphene for?


Maybe we should use good bacteria to fight for us Make an army of bacteria Pet them, cuddle them And then let them loose to massacre those bastards who want to harm us And then pet them more