Rick Scott’s loony-tunes 11-point plan: Classic GOP projection, and a roadmap to theocracy – No wonder Mitch McConnell is unhappy: Scott’s “batsh*t” plan reveals way too much about what Republicans want

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This reads like a parody of what progressives think conservatives are like. But it’s ACTUALLY TRUE. HE ACTUALLY COMES RIGHT OUT AND SAYS IT. HIMSELF. And people said I was fearmongering a couple years ago when I said Republicans want to turn us into a fascist ethnostate theocracy.


They’re telling us who they are. They can’t help themselves. If we keep letting them take the reins, we’re telling the world who we are.


Fuck this piece of shit. Another ‘conservative’ whose entire agenda is based on religious dogma (bullshit) and lies. Fuck you scott!


In the thumbnail Rick Scott is seen as he’s telling the Orcs “Meats back on the menu, boys”


I used to believe that being “color-blind”, not seeing races and treating everybody the same, was a good thing. Ignore racism and it’ll go away, right? Then I realized that many people of racial minorities have been stuck in a cycle of poverty and lack of opportunity for generations, unable to build equity in the nation that their ancestors were enslaved by. “Colorblind” is nothing but saying “from this point forward we’re going to declare everybody equal” and excusing oneself from trying to build up minorities who have been torn down for so long.