Right-wing pastor: People close to Biden tell me he’s ‘possessed by the Devil’.

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Because I’m sure people ‘very close’ to Biden are really talking to this moron.


Judge not lest ye be judged. He without sin cast the first stone. If a man hits you on your left cheek, offer him your right. You are all god’s children. Isn’t it amazing how un-christ like most of these christians are.


The Devil makes you speak languages you don’t know, like Latin. The Devil makes you barely able to speak the language you do know? How about some consistency, people? Which is it? I know, it’s whatever fits their narrative at the moment. They also said Trump was practically the Messiah disguised as a filthy sinner (gotta admit, it was a good disguise)


Anybody with the title “pastor” is automatically by definition full of shit


Wreaks of Q….unless we forget the “high up” in the chain…lol