Rolls-Royce expects UK approval for small nuclear reactors by mid-2024

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Before reading the article I thought they were talking about using them to power cars.


Good. I’ve never understood why nuclear doesn’t power more in the UK. There is never any seismic activity or storm conditions.


Engineer in the power industry here. SMRs (small modular reactors) are the bridge between now and fusion power in 50-100 years. This right here folks, not the wind turbines, are what will minimize environmental impact in the next several decades. Vote for this shit and fund it. It’s the fucking future if you actually want to save the planet. P.S. Look at France with all their cheap, clean, reliable nuclear power. Who do they sell power to at night when the sun goes down? That’s right, they sell power to Germany who opted for a renewables based grid and have to import their energy. Now Germany pays dearly for their mistake.


‘I don’t want to set the world on fire’, ‘I just want to start a flame in your heart’.


The plant size is about 1/10th of a normal nuclear plant. They have some pretty cool features which means it cannot melt down as the fuel is contained in balls designed not to reach melting point even if the coolant runs out. They are gambling on them being not more expensive than wind and storage, a gamble which is probably wrong. The nuclear fixation is probably why they blocked on shore wind recently: it would mean the nuclear plants would rarely be switched on and become extremely expensive per Kwh.